BAA "bad joke on the community"

This email message was sent to the BAA from Fred Rosen, Presdient-CEO of the 'Bel Air Homeowners Alliance' on October 15th, 2015.

Bruce-- The luxury of distance allows one to put things in the proper perspective---so let us rip the skin off this blister and be brutally candid in a politically correct world. You have no right or authority to send me your email--under the false pretense of being polite and respectful. The Alliance does not recognize your election to the Board of Directors of the BAA--the proxy material by which you were allegedly elected a director in the world of governance could best be classified as a bad joke on the community---no biographies of any of the nominees---of the people named, 3 were not elected for reasons unknown and 9 were elected who weren't even mentioned--you among them. I've been the CEO of public companies, practiced law for 10 years many,many, many years ago and served on more than 20 charity boards---and I have never seen a bigger sham election in my life---which doesn't even meet the minimum standards of effective or any kind of proper governance. In keeping with that narrative, when was the last time a real financial statement was produced by the BAA---not in the last 10 years--and I'm not talking about the Form 990.

As the CEO of the Alliance, anyone can contact me---good or bad--that's the role. If Ron can't handle it, he should resign. That's the way it works in a democracy--as an attorney, you clearly understand the right of freedom of speech. The real issue here is that Ron Hudson is ill-equipped to be the CEO of the BAA--he has neither the experience nor the ability to do the job--a prerequisite for occupying that position. As such, he must be open to all comments--good or bad from the community--I've been in enough meetings with city officials where all he does is sit there--he doesn't engage or make comments---or even interact with City officials. Our community needs an advocate--something, in our opinion, he has no ability to do. The situation with the Bel Air Bar and Grill is a perfect example. The BAA and Ron Hudson supports their requests--yet many in the community are against their requests and there is no reason to allow the sale of alcohol during the week off-site earlier than 10am and 11am on the week-end. It has come to our attention that Mr. Hudson is taking an office there---could that be construed as a conflict of interest? does that impact the BAA's position?--what residents have they talked to?  We know that Sharon is a friend of Paulette's---I know that directly because a year ago, when I tried to rent the space for an Alliance Community meeting, Sharon told me that she was a friend of Paulette's and as such would not rent the restaurant for our meeting---interesting in that our supporters are residents in the community and also may utilize her facilities----but that has been one of Paulette's singular accomplishments--finding ways to polarize the community. The BAA must reflect the views of the community--not the views of its executive director.  At some point, in the pending litigation, we would all like to see her contract. This situation clearly reflects what's been happening under Paulette's watch ---the Board reports to her--not the the other way around--which is the appropriate way. All you have to do is look at the turnover on the board for the last eight years--which clearly makes my point.

There is something else that I need to mention here--you have done many things for the community---and you have advocated some effective positions vis a vis land use---but you operate on your own agenda---who did you talk to on Tortuoso Way?--did you engage with any residents on Stone Canyon?--I believe the answer is probably not--community organizations must engage with the stakeholders who are involved---you clearly have a voice on your own--but once you join an organization, you are bound to engage with the residents who you claim to be representing.

I have also heard about Mr. Elkin, who is probably the longest sitting member on the BAA Board--and I've heard from people in the community about his irascibility and intransigence in the conflict between our respective organizations----where he is among the few who actually thinks the BAA is doing a good job--I shall refrain from commenting-----something you actually know better. Under the BAA bylaws--its one house one vote--so explain to me why he and his wife have 2 seats on the BAA Board?

One can only wonder if he,and  you,and Ron and Cynthia, under a white flag of truce would have the courage or fortitude to meet with Marcia, Dan and I and try to figure out how to solve this among ourselves--without the attorneys so the community can win. As I've said before, the status quo is both unacceptable and unsustainable. The offer has been made.

Fredric D. Rosen--President-CEO

Bel Air Homeowners Alliance