Bel-Air Construction Madness Continues With Trash Dumpsters Left On Stone Canyon

From The Beverly Hills Courier

Another day, another round of unsafe, illegal, construction wackiness in Bel-Air.

The latest comes this morning, when large dumpsters lined Stone Canyon Rd. 

As seen in the photo provided in the article, two large trash dumpsters, nearly sticking out halfway into the street, were parked on the side of the narrow road traveled by many residents throughout the day.

The dumpsters symbolize a growing concern among residents in some areas of Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas such as Bel-Air, about the lack of oversight for contractors doing work.

One local resident and Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance member said the dangerous developer habits would continue until there is “competent management of the existing projects” from the city of Los Angeles.

The dumpsters are just the latest in a list of problems Bel-Air residents have encountered with local construction. Most recently, last Thursday, large construction trucks traveled along and illegally parked along Bel-Air’s Perugia Way as early as 6 a.m.

Large hauling trucks and diggers, as well as a tractor carrying rebar and pavers were all seen traveling along the tiny street in the wee hours of the morning.

The most harrowing incident, however, was one woman who says she was almost hit by a construction truck at the intersection of Perugia Way and Bellagio.

Stopped at a stop sign heading east, a construction truck came around the corner and nearly side-swapped her. It was reported that a worker who was supposed to be controlling traffic just shrugged his shoulders at the resident.

“The morning construction noise and traffic congestion is so loud and intense, which explains why residents on this narrow street are at wits end,” said Fred Rosen, president/CEO of the Bel-Air Homeowners Alliance.