Bel-Air Association Betrays Residents

The Alliance was started by Bel Air residents frustrated at the failures of the Bel-Air Association to protect their health and safety from dangerous land development. The Alliance has been very successful in its first year of operation and has been instrumental in getting solid changes implemented including authoring the position paper that culminated in the city council adoption of the ICO which limits excavations under houses to 6000 cubic yard. The Alliance has also been responsible for opposing major projects and their unsafe digging and hauling plans. 

In contrast, there have been several bizarre cases where the Bel-Air Association has worked against the interests of its own paying members and residents by either taking no position or supporting unsafe building projects. The letters written by the Bel-Air Association are published below (click on the links) and serve as a reminder to Bel Air residents of their ineptitude.

1) 944 Airole Way - 96,000 sq.ft. house and 40,000 sq.ft. basement.

2) 901 Strada Vecchia - Developer currently charged and sued by L.A. City Attorney office for building without plans and repeated and continuous construction while under the city's 'order to stop work'.

3) 10697 W. Somma Way - 44,000 sq.ft. house and approximately 30,000 cubic yards of dirt hauling via a small lane off Stone Canyon Road