Bel Air Needs You

As you know, there will be a community meeting on Thursday, February 18th at 5:30pm at the Bel Air Country Club. Your attendance and participation are critical to our community!   It's a chance for us to review what is happening and also get your input on our strategy going forward to protect our community.

 Agenda Items:
 1. Review of progress this past year

        a.     International attention in press
        b.     Through strong advocacy, we are developing co-operation from city officials       
        c.     Working with homeowners to support protection of their homes and safety in our community, with litigation when necessary

2. State of our community and issues we are currently facing
3. Update on issues concerning the Bel Air Association
4. Update on new regulations---continuance of Interim Control Order ("ICO")
5. Set the agenda strategies and priorities for 2016.  While we cannot do everything, your input can help set our priorities.

The whole world is watching!  A key factor in our efforts in bringing sanity to the development talking place in our community is you!  Public officials, the press, and even developers view the strength of our organization in large part by the active involvement and participation of all of our supporters and friends.  Your attendance and participation gives validation to the strength and breadth of our organization.

We need your attendance to further our goals of protecting our community.  Attendance is open to everyone in the Bel Air Community.  We ask you to forward this email to anyone in our neighborhood that would be interested.

Please confirm your attendance at BAHOA.ORG or call (310) 405-3094 on or before February 17th. (The sooner you rsvp, the better!). We look forward to seeing you on Thursday February 18th!


Bel Air Homeowners Alliance Board of Directors

Marcia Hobbs
Dan Love
Jamie Meyer
Fred Rosen