The Bel Air Homeowner’s Alliance (BAHOA) today commends the City Council’s approval of an interim control ordinance (“ICO”) aimed at controlling the over-development in many of Los Angeles historic neighborhoods including Bel Air. The ordinance prohibits the hauling of more than 6,000 cubic yards of dirt, enough to build a 6,000 square feet basement, from a single residential construction site.

“We thank Council member Koretz and his staff for their leadership in advocating on behalf of Bel Air and all the residents of Los Angeles,” said Dan Fisk, Chairman of the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance. “The hauling of 6,000 cubic yards of dirt results in 1,200 trucks trips alone which damages city roads, causes accidents, and contributes to the increased air pollution as well as hillside erosion. This is a vast improvement from having no limit on the number of truck trips; going forward, more comprehensive regulations are needed to protect the character of our neighborhoods, halt detrimental environmental impacts on our communities, and keep our roads in good repair and our residents safe from runaway trucks.”

In neighboring Beverly Hills, unregulated hauling and construction have caused life-ending accidents. The Bel Air Homeowners Alliance is urging the City Council to take preventative action and work quickly to develop and adopt comprehensive regulations regarding hauling and the construction of mega-mansion style projects before more catastrophic hauling accidents occur in our neighborhoods.

“The City Council’s action today was the direct result of the Alliance’s efforts to solve this problem,” said Fred Rosen, President and CEO of the Alliance. “We are committed to implementing solutions that protect our community and its residents.”

The passing of the ordinance comes after numbers of developers developed, or have submitted plans to build some of the largest homes in the entire country in the Bel Air neighborhood.

“Big developers seem only to have one interest at heart: themselves,” said Fred Rosen. “The City of Los Angeles needs to step up to the plate to halt the out of control mega-development currently happening in our communities before irreparable damage is done to our hillsides and roads and before anyone gets hurt.”

The ordinance was supported by the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council as well as many other prominent responsible community organizations and goes into effect immediately.