Planning and Landuse Committee Approve Interim Control Ordinance Initiated By Bel Air Alliance

After the due process of dozens of citizens appearances and comments before the Planning & Land Use Management Committee of the City Council in PLUM Committee hearings on February 24th and yesterday, the Committee approved an Interim Control Ordinance ("ICO") to limit import and export of soil for construction projects in Bel Air to 6,000 cubic yards, subject to various limited technical exceptions and exclusions.  
This is a major move forward to ensure responsible development in Bel Air and mitigate the adverse environmental and safety impact of excessive truck traffic in our community.  This action was initiated by our Alliance through the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council to the Western Region Association of Councils and ultimately to the City Council over the course of many months through 2014 into this year.  
The Alliance thanks our Councilman Paul Koretz and his able executive Shawn Bayliss for their key engagement and tireless dedication to achieve this critical improvement in construction conditions for Bel Air.  Determined proactive efforts can make a difference.  The ICO is expected to be approved by the Council in the next week or so and will give rise to considered attention to more definitive rulemaking to bring reasoned responsible development to our community and others in the City over the course of the ICO's two years expected duration.