Court Sanctions Hadid For Egregious Misconduct In Beverly Hills Dispute

By Victoria Talbot of the Beverly Hills Courier

A tentative ruling by the Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica Wednesday says that Mohamed Hadid “personally submitted a false declaration and misrepresented facts to the court” in a discovery dispute in LLCs for which he is an “officer, shareholder and director,” said the ruling.

At issue was a dispute arising from a property located at 912 N. Hillcrest Rd. in Trousdale, and whether sanctions should be imposed against Hadid, “when the prior discovery dispute involved discovery served on Bel-Air Highlands, LLC and Hadid Development Companies.”

“Hadid personally submitted a false declaration and misrepresented facts to the Court in the course of a discovery dispute,” said the ruling. It states, “Hadid ‘s discovery violation was committed by him personally on Bel-Air Highlands, LLC’s behalf alone.”

“Plaintiff has demonstrated willful, deliberate and egregious misconduct by the defendant that goes beyond ordinary disobedience of discovery orders, such as failing to produce by a certain deadline or failing to produce everything in one’s possession without any affirmative misrepresentations by the producing party. Here, the defendant did not produce and fabricated an elaborate story about why he could not produce.”

The plaintiff also asked for sanctions because: “Hadid is personally liable for any negligence of the construction workers who performed the remodeling work at 912 N. Hillcrest Rd.,” and that: “Hadid knew of the construction defects and non-permitted construction” at the property.