More Lies and Untruths from the Bel Air Association and Ron Hudson

See this  [BLOG POST] and my [PRIOR EMAIL]. Dan Love and I attended the meeting---I guess Ron Hudson's idea of protecting the community is channeling Marcel Marceau. He did not say one single word during the meeting---he brought a land use person to the meeting who knew very little about our community and who added very little. So I am totally confused how he represents that he is working with City when he is totally silent during the meeting and does not advocate one solitary idea how to remediate the situation---in my world, I would call it delusional.

Dan Love and I attended the meeting and actively engaged with city officials from various departments who are involved with the project. We will have more meetings with them before the project begins to provide as much remediation as possible for the community during the construction.

This is another example of the lack of integrity of the BAA and Ron Hudson---and why they need to be replaced and the BAA reconstituted. Mr. Hudson--who I'm not sure how he was elected--in light of the lack of transparency in the BAA's governance--has no problem misstating facts and taking credit for actions he has nothing to do with.

We felt that the community should know. 

Fred Rosen--President-CEO

Dan Love--Treasurer