Hadid Implicated in Neighbor’s Intimidation at 901 Strada Vecchia

This article was written by Victoria Talbot and published by the Beverly Hills Courier

Mohamed Hadid allegedly has been hurling threats at the neighbor’s property manager, blaming Mr. Sebastian Garcia for the photographs of illegal work being undertaken at 901 Strada Vecchia following a stop-work order and multiple building violations. Threats prompted a call to the LAPD who took a statement from Mr. Garcia.

Garcia, who has managed the property at 940 Strada Vecchia for approximately 35 years, says he was threatened several times. “On Monday, he was really mad,” said Garcia, describing Mohamed Hadid. “He thinks I’m the one who called about him. He said, ‘I’m going to work him over,’ and he is going to put me in jail.”

According to Garcia, at least five times in the last two months Hadid has verbally threatened him. Workers, he said, “have followed me home.

Hadid and his security guard at 901 Strada Vecchia are at issue, alleges Garcia, and Monday morning, the two apparently were not aware that Garcia’s wheelchair-bound employer and property owner, Carol Cramer, heard this tirade. She called the police. LAPD responded, said Garcia.

The tirade was directed at Garcia over photographs that showed Hadid’s workers illegally performing construction on the property. Other photos show a history of violations, including illegal grading, over the course of the past two years. 

The photos and complaints are the work of Josesph Horacek III, the neighbor who lives with Hadid’s monstrously huge development looming over the top of his home, as if a giant spaceship were about to land atop it. Horaceck has been filing complaints with LADBS and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office with photos he has taken with the full consent and permission of Mrs. Cramer. From her property, Horaceck has been able to clearly photograph the illegal work at 901 Strada Vecchia. 

As if problems with LA Department of Building and Safety are not enough for Hadid, the Shahs-0f-Sunset, Real-Housewives-of-Beverly-Hills developer has just compounded his problems. Not content to cut his losses in the face of overwhelming negatives, Hadid has never demonstrated shyness in the face of legal action. The Courier staff have discovered lawsuits dating back decades with his developments.