Message from Fred Rosen; Ron Hudson letter and emails to Ron Hudson

Many of you have requested Ron Hudson's letter that was sent to members of our community along with selected emails Fred Rosen sent to Ron Hudson.  CLICK HERE to read Ron Hudson's letter to the community along with a few more emails Fred Rosen sent to Ron Hudson.  Also, please see message from Fred Rosen below:


The letters and emails from me (to which I added a few) must be viewed in light of the following circumstances:

1. We have tried to sit down with the BAA since last August and they refuse to meet--all they do is stonewall--and if anyone would like to see their responses to the interrogatories--please feel free to ask and I will supply

2. There is no transparency in their organization---when was the last time anyone received a financial statement--I never received one in the 8 or 9 years I was a member.

3. Who are the directors--and how have they been elected?

4. The last time most of us almost saw Paulette was the meeting at the BAA's offices with Councilman Koretz in April--she refused to leave her office, engage with the residents and had 3 bodyguards--at the Association's expense to protect her--from what I'm not sure.....

5. The BAA has abandoned its responsibility to the residents of the community--not notifying everyone before the hearing on the 95,000' home on Airole was disgraceful. They could write letters to complain about the actions of the Alliance--we are called troublemakers-----but they would not lift one finger to let the community know of a project that has negatively impacted so many.

6. It should not be up to their Executive Director to decide who she wants to help--what are the terms of her contract? how long and how much

7. At the last Alliance meeting, Chris Hameetman (a BAA Director) asked me the following question (and you can't make this up)---"I know you are smart and successful and I know you are tough--but how do I know that you did not get that way by breaking kneecaps?"  Here was my answer--after being astounded by the total insanity of the question--"I don't because if I did, yours would be". Is this the kind of person we want as a Director of our community association? He also told Marcia Hobbs and I quote "I am not concerned about governance--that's not my issue."  You can all draw your own conclusions...

8. In my professional career---which spans almost 50 years---I have never seen a public community entity work so hard to be non-transparent---the underlying questions we must all ask---is what are they hiding? and what are they afraid of?

I could go on---but this campaign does not end until the community obtains the representation and advocacy it deserves--and that means replacing everyone at the BAA--and build a community organization we can all be proud of---not one we are constantly embarrassed by and have no respect for.

Fredric D. Rosen--President-CEO
Bel Air Homeowners Alliance