ACS Staff Harassed By BAA - The Alliance Supports ACS

BAA--- This has come to our attention again---and Al has represented to me that Paulette, Cynthia and Ron are attempting to make life difficult for ACS including harassing one of their employees. If this behavior does not stop immediately and efforts continue to make ACS uncomfortable while they honor their lease, than the Alliance and its supporters reserve all their rights and remedies against the BAA--including potential litigation against Ron, Cynthia and Paulette individually. Game playing is over. The community wants the security company at the Gate---not a real estate broker so you can collect more rent.

This is my message to the BAA Board--Paulette works for you not the other way around--one of the reasons why there has been significant turnover on the Board over the last 8 years. In our collective opinion, she and Ron are menaces to the community--and their behavior needs to be radically altered--or in the alternative, they both need to be replaced. I strongly suggest that you heed the content of this email. Furthermore, it is my intention to make these emails available to the whole community.

Fredric D. Rosen--President-CEO
Bel Air Homeowners Alliance