Bel Air Association is working against the community's interests

The Bel Air Alliance was informed earlier this week that we were denied our Preliminary Injunction on Somma Way---click here to read a copy of the Judge's Decision. It is our intention to proceed with the trial which is scheduled for July.

Among the notable points in the decision is the following:

"Fifth, it is significant that another Bel Air homeowners' organization, the Bel Air Association supports the project in return for WPG (the Defendant) agreeing to certain terms and conditions ........."

All of which were imposed at the hearing--and which were proposed by the Alliance.  This is another example of the Bel Air Association working against the interests of the residents of Somma Way and the supporters of the Alliance--and another reason why that organization needs to be taken over by our group.

You all should write to Ron Hudson--current President of the Bel Air Association (who by the way isn't even a homeowner in Bel Air--he lives in an apartment)---his email address is  and let him know how you feel--even expressing the sentiment that was expressed at our meeting for the Alliance to take over the BAA.

Feel free to write and ask any question you may have.

From the Bel Air Alliance Board of Directors