All-- Please see the Blog post from the BAA below. Now the truth finally comes out. Are any of you aware of any over-regulation reducing the value and enjoyment of our homes as stated therein. The fact is that the BAA has not been on the side of the residents for years--and there it is in their own words. The response from one of our supporters (see Margie Perenchio's email to the BAA-below their blog) says it well and succinctly.

On a much lighter note, we have all worked very hard to be able to live in our area and we have many of the city's business leaders and successful individuals living here. The BAA continues to lower the bar for our community. Their headline uses the words "Land Use Guiding Principals." and its signed by their President Ron Hudson---there is no need to repeat the adjectives I've used in the past however correct they may be. However, in the continuing dumbing down of our community by the BAA's leadership, Principal as they have spelled it is the principal of a school. A guiding principle (spelled this way)  is one which reflects a concept, idea  or a point of view. Obviously no one has explained that to Ron---but if I was his English teacher I would keep him after school so he could learn the difference. Our community deserves so much better.

In his responsibility as President of the BAA, Mr. Hudson has a responsibility to divulge to the community conflicts of interest that impact his duties. When the Bel Air Bar & Grill recently applied for its CUP (conditional use permit), he appeared at the hearing and stated that the BAA was totally supportive of it being granted. We now discover that he has taken office space in their building. Conflict of interest---yes---but just another example in a long line  of the lack of transparency in the BAA's policies.

As you know, in the last month, many of our supporters joined the BAA--and there is going to be an election of Directors for that organization. It is our intention to place 9 new names for election --we will follow up with more information soon.

One last point---the time  extension to join the BAA was not extended by their organization voluntarily--it was done by Court Order.

Fredric D. Rosen--President-CEO
Bel Air Homeowners Alliance

Board of Directors
Marcia Hobbs
Dan Love
Jamie Meyer
Fredric D. Rosen