Lawsuit Against City of Beverly Hills

See the attached press release from the Attorney who is suing the City of Beverly Hills----this is a preview of the future unless we take immediate steps to remedy and bring common sense to the situation in Bel Air. LADBS --stands for Building and Safety--not Building and Hauling. Everyone now realizes that the project on Airole never should have been allowed to happen in its present form--because none of you understood the consequences of what you agreed to--and who paid for that--the residents. Its enough.  Who among you has the courage and fortitude to stand up for the LADBS mission statement--which includes the safety of the residents of Los Angeles?  At the moment process trumps sensibility and common sense---there are just too many trucks in the hills and its highly dangerous--and whatever mitigations are added to any project will not prevent a truck from blowing its brakes. You are putting band-aids on broken legs--that's not a solution.

I have copied everyone on this email--including the City Attorney. There's an old expression---"when you play with matches, sometimes you get burned". The clock is ticking. Loma Vista is only 5 miles from here---and the conditions here are just  as dangerous.

Fredric D. Rosen-President-CEO
Bel Air Homeowners Alliance

PS---My quote below is  for the Beverly Hills Courier this week--in response to the press release...

The press release, in my opinion, is a preview of coming attractions for the City of Los Angeles. They continue to grant hauling routes in the hills--which are inherently dangerous and unsafe. No amount of mitigations can prevent a hauling or cement truck from blowing their brakes--as happened on Loma Vista. There are too many trucks in the hills now. The fact is that retaining walls are a much more sensible solution in Bel Air than removing tens of thousands of cu. yards from individual projects. Its safer--and when homes are being sold for more than $50,000,000, the walls will not be eyesores as they will be covered by expensive landscaping. There are too many departments with different mission statements--the City needs to create one department which can coordinate these projects. We need a fresh look at the existing situation so we can bring about a rational and sensible solution.
Fredric Rosen--President-CEO
Bel Air Homeowners Alliance