Bel-Air Association Supports Dangerous Developers

View the letter from the Bel-Air Association on Somma Way project

View the letter from the Bel-Air Association on Airole project

The Bel-Air Association (Association) has filed a letter in support of the Somma Way ruling which subsequently granted the developer the right to export 30,000 cubic yards of dirt which equates to 6,000-8,000  truck trips in Bel Air for dirt export alone.  The Somma Way road is only 211 to 239 inches wide. You may know that the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance (Alliance) filed an appeal which was heard today (9/24/2014). On 9/22/2014, the Association filed their letter in opposition to our appeal.  The Association letter recommends less stringent conditions than the conditions listed in the approved haul route. The Association does not support the conditions recommended by Councilman Paul Koretz which recommends the limit of one dirt haul truck in Bel Air at any one time for the Somma Way project. In addition, the Association requested the City to order the Somma Way developer to pay "dirty money" to the Association in a fee amounting to approximately $30,000. The Association has failed to understand the serious safety issue this haul route poses for all who travel on Soma Way and Stone Canyon Road.

The Association has 'sold out' the community again by supporting the Haul route on Somma Way.  It is clear that the Association does not place the health and safety of Bel Air residents and visitors as a priority but and is more content on raising finances from their misfortune. 

This is not the first time the Association has acted against safety of Bel Air residents. The haul route for 944 Airole was a disaster for the neighborhood and the continuing construction of a 90,000 sq. ft. 'house' caused unsafe conditions on a daily basis for the residents.  A letter from the Association again exposes the unforgivable inaction by the Association who took "no position' to protect residents which gave way to over 8000 dirt hauling truck trips in our neighborhood

The Alliance has every intention of continue its course of action to oppose the haul route. It is more essential now than ever before that every homeowner in our community supports the Alliance's mission to protect the health and safety of residents.