LADBS: ‘901 Strada Vecchia Has 60 Days To Comply’

This article was written by Matt Lopez and published by the Beverly Hills Courier

The notorious 901 Strada Vecchia project in Bel-Air, a nearly 30,000-square foot megamansion, has exactly 60 days to get its act together, according to the city of Los Angeles.

Following a private hearing with the City Attorney’s office on Tuesday, the owners and representatives for 901 Strada Vecchia were informed of the deadline to submit new topographic maps to the city.

Neighbors alleged that work had been done illegally to the site, without permit, to misrepresent the sites natural grade.

LADBS rep Luke Zamperini told The Courier earlier this year that in fact, the natural grade of the site was a sticking point in discussions with the property owners.

Construction permits were revoked in September when the LADBS determined that the site had in fact violated its permits.

“The owner and his reps were insistent that will provide the appropriate plans and justification for the building and property modifications. the City Attorney gave them approximately 60 days to comply.” LADBS Chief Inspector Bob Steinbach said.