Why We Need Bel Air Homeowners Alliance

2010-2013: For the past few years, Bel Air residents have been increasingly impacted by the onslaught of construction traffic, oversized developments, and massive excavation projects. Until recently, we watched helplessly as these projects proceeded without any oversight. Bel Air residents have a right to be involved in the planning process. That is why we formed the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance.

2014: In the past year several events coincided to catalyze like-minded Bel Air residents. We value our safety and security and we are willing to put our time, energy, and money towards the protection of our homes, neighborhood, and families. Some of these events are:

  • The deaths of two LAPD officers in Trousdale in construction-related accidents with over-sized trucks that lost control on steep winding terrain, streets just like Bel Air
  • A 96,000 sq. ft. property on Airole Way almost two times the size of the White House, required more than 10,000 haul trucks for the export of over 50,000 cubic yards of soil
  • Mohamed Hadid illegally graded and constructed a massively over-sized home, 30,000 square feet, at 901 Strada Vecchia that far exceeds what is permitted by the city of Los Angeles. The construction caused landslides on neighboring properties

A 50-foot height variance at 360 Stone Canyon was approved by Councilman Paul Koretz despite L.A. City Planning and Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) findings against this special exception. The outrageous number of massive projects simultaneously, often on the same street, has wrought havoc:

  • 46 haul trucks repeatedly staged illegally on Stone Canyon
  • Power and cable outages on a regular basis
  • Destruction of our streets and infrastructure 
  • Pollution caused by diesel fuel and exhaust fumes, as well as, noise pollution
  • Failure of oversize trucks to stop at stop signs and drive on the correct side of the road
  • Obliteration of our hillside ridge lines
  • Illegal parking and food trucks throughout the neighborhood
  • Our wild habitat being destroyed
  • Obstruction of vital egress and ingress routes by construction vehicles

April/May 2014

  • These events culminated in a confrontation with Councilman Paul Koretz at the Bel Air Association (BAA) offices
  • The BAA repeatedly demonstrates it does not understand how to best represent the interests of our residents
  • The BAA issued supportive letters for both the Somma Way and Airole Way massive projects with full knowledge of the hardship to our community and an apparent conflict of interest
  • The Bel Air Homeowners Alliance was conceived in May 2014

Some of Our Accomplishments

  • In a few short months the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance has
  • become a force in the community, focusing LA City attention on
  • these problems
  • The Alliance has proposed new rules to be adopted by the LADBS that would require houses built over 20,000 square feet to be treated as commercial properties and to limit hauling to no more than 5,000 cubic yards of soil
  • The Alliance has instituted Board representation on the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, and the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils, a seat that was refused by the BAA
  • We have opposed 10,000 dirt hauling trips from the Somma Way project. We have hired land use attorneys and experts to litigate this and other matters and will use this effort as a template for objections to future projects
  • Enforced haul routes and reduced congestion of hauling and other vehicles on our streets by their vigilance and consistent demands for enforcement
  • Our lobbying has spurred new Mansionization Regulations now being considered by the City Council
  • Increased enforcement by LAPD and the commercial section of Highway Patrol
  • Increased pre-development negotiations with builders and neighbors to ameliorate conflicts
  • We provide active support of homeowner claims and lawsuits with high level LA City officials
  • Filed an appeal on the approval of a haul route on 10830 Chalon Road
  • Assisted residents with parking issues caused by relentless construction vehicles
  • Worked with the contractor on Airole Way to mitigate the adverse consequences of a prior approved 96,000 sq. ft. construction project
  • We worked with the community on many issues including providing correct information on individual problems; created a visual record for enforcement purposes of the destruction of trees and fences, blocking driveways, and other construction issues

Our Mission and Structure
The Bel Air Homeowners Alliance was formed to protect the safety and security of homeowners, to foster responsible development, and to protect property values. Alliance supporters contribute $5,000 each towards legal fees, experts and related expenses to further our objectives. The Bel Air Homeowners Alliance is a 501(c)(4) organization.

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