Bel-Air Association's Reckless and Irresponsible Position

Bel Air Alliance Board members comment on the reckless position taken by the Bel-Air Association in their recent blog post
Once again the Bel-Air Association is working against the interests of the residents and against the safety and security of the streets and roads in our neighborhoods--and this is one more reason why they are no longer an effective voice for our community.  Excavating and hauling of dirt has been the single largest problem that we endure on a day to day basis on our city streets.  The result of the digging and hauling is that we have literally thousands of truck trips up and down our narrow streets and roads. The Board of the Alliance has spent hundreds of hours working with our Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council and in cooperation with the Western Region Association of Councils to lobby our City Council to put limits on the hauling. With this Interim Control Order we put a limit of 5000 cu yds to each residential project.  That is enough digging to build a 5000 sq foot basement under any new home.  Even with the proposed  ICO limitation, the digging and hauling would result  in some 1000 truck trips for each property that elects to remove 5000 cu yds of soil for a basement excavation. And this is before considering any other truck traffic for delivery of materials, grading and all the other traffic that comes with a new large house construction.
It is rare that an organization like the Bel-Air Association shows its true colors that are absolutely in opposition to its members safety and  security but here you have it! Our Alliance is wholeheartedly in favor of putting the ICO in place and having ordinance changes that make the ICO's rules permanent.  
This finally flushes out what the Bel-Air Association is--its not about the residents---its about the developers---who the Bel-Air Association's attorneys represent. Furthermore, take note  that there are no names on the bottom of their communication---once again the Bel-Air Association's actions are non-transparent---no one knows who their officers and directors are----this communication was clearly written by their law firm trying to protect its developer clients---how much more of this ineptitude and conflict of interest can our community put up with? What we do need is urgent action--they are right about that---but it's to replace all of their officers, directors,employees and law firm--whoever they are.
Should you be motivated--and we hope you are--- send a note to Paulette and let her know how you feel..... ....Ron Hudson is the new President of the Bel-Air Association---he lives in an apartment-----so he can clearly identify with community issues--not---I do not have his email address---so any one who has it can pass it along to the whole community.....

From the Bel Air Alliance Board of Directors
Dan Fisk, Chairman
Fred Rosen, President & CEO
Marcia Hobbs, Board Member
Jamie Meyer, Secretary
Dan Love, Treasurer